Ants may be small,  but when they work together, they’re mighty. They’re part of the same order of insects as bees and wasps, and like many bees, they’re social. Ants live together in large colonies with many workers who take care of a queen. The ants have different jobs to keep their colony safe and well-fed, and they communicate with each other with chemical signals called pheromones. For instance, if there’s an obstacle in the ants’ path to food, they’ll send out pheromones to guide the other ants in their group around the obstacle.

Ants’ ability to work together has made them incredible successful animals. They live all over the world, and it’s estimated that ants might make up 15% to 25% of the Earth’s terrestrial biomass– in other words, if you put all the land animals on Earth, from elephants to frogs to mice to people to bugs, ants would make up 15 to 25% of the total weight!

Photo by Adrian Pingstone


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