Zoobooks Animal Babies and Zootles Butterflies (arriving in homes this month) both feature the life cycle of a butterfly, also known as metamorphosis. For younger children 2 to 6 years old, Zootles introduces butterfly metamorphosis in a full two pages. It follows the life of a swallowtail butterfly with fun facts that may amaze even you. For example, did you know that caterpillars shed their skin as they grow? Or that the caterpillar’s last skin forms the chrysalis that protects it while transforms into a butterfly?

In Zoobooks Animal Babies, for older kids 6 and up, the life cycle of the butterfly is part of a larger feature on the hatching and birth of many different kinds of animals. For older kids there are fascinating details that make metamorphosis sound like a science fiction movie plot – except it’s real: “Encased in the chrysalis, the caterpillar dissolves into a thick liquid. New life begins to take form, and eventually a butterfly breaks free of the chrysalis.”

To order Zoobooks Animal Babies or Zootles Butterflies go to www.zoobooks.com and click on the zoo store, or better yet subscribe!

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