Blue whales get a lot of love– they’re not just the biggest whales, they’re the biggest animals ever discovered. But the second-biggest whales in the world, fin whales, are worth remembering. They’ve been described as the “greyhounds of the sea”– they’re long and sleek, reaching lengths of over 80 feet. But while they’re within ten feet in length of blue whales, finwhales are much skinnier– while blue whales weigh up to 200 short tons, fin whales are only 126 short tons. Their sleek shape means that they can move quickly through the water, hitting speeds of up to 29 miles per hour.
Fin whales are more social than most of their closest relatives, living in pods of six to ten individuals. And they don’t just live together– they communicate with each other through low-pitched sounds. For animals that look nothing like humans, they’re really not so different from us!

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