Here’s another great way to get involved in monitoring and conserving wildlife from your own backyard: report sightings of migrating hummingbirds through online mapping.  Journey North is a useful organization bridging the gap between those who want to learn and the wildlife they want to learn about, and they’re making our exploration both fun and worthwhile.

Much of the website is dedicated to the journey north (hence the name!), which happens in spring. But hummingbirds must eventually travel south, too, and that journey can be tracked as well. Try the website’s  interactive maps and species distribution lists, and keep updated on hummingbird news and sightings. Your added observations will contribute to general scientific knowledge, and be important in helping to track changes in migratory routes.

We’d like feedback on what you observe, as well. may not be compiling such data for scientific analysis, but we’d still enjoy hearing about any anecdotal observations you may make. We look forward to hearing from you!

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