The newest issue of Zoodinos features Stegosaurus, the plated, spiky-tailed dinosaurs that we all know and love. But the book also shines a spotlight on some of Stegosaurus’s less well-known cousins.

Kentrosaurus is one of the most eye-catching members of the Stegosaur family. Instead of just having a few spikes at the tip of its tail like Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus had long spikes along much of its body, as well as two long spikes on its shoulders. These spikes were probably used as defense, or maybe to attract mates.

Stegosaurus is found in the western US and Peru, but Kentrosaurus lived pretty far away—its fossils have been found in Tanzania, in Africa. The largest Stegosaurus fossils come from animals that were 29.5 feet long, while the biggest Kentrosauruses were more like 15 feet. But in spite of these differences, both animals had beaks for snagging plants to eat, small heads, and big, dangerous-looking tails!

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