Did you ever think pennies could help save the planet? Join kids all across America this year as they make a difference with their spare change for Pennies for the Planet.

The National Audubon Society created Pennies for the Planet in 1995 to encourage children to get involved with and learn about conservation projects. Young people across the country collect pennies and other coin and dollar amounts to help protect the butterflies and migratory birds of North America. Last year, kids collected the equivalent of 2,609,100 pennies.

Pennies for the Planet campaign logo/Pennies for the Planet

Start organizing your Pennies for the Planet project now. You can participate in the project on your own, with your friends or families, in your classroom or school, with a club or Scout troop, or any other kind of group. No group is too big or too small to help save the planet. The Pennies for the Planet Website provides many tips on how to get started, keep motivated and raise money for the campaign. You can request a Pennies for the Planet education kit today to help get your project off the ground.

The slogan for Pennies for the Planet is, “Because the planet needs some change.” The campaign is not only about raising money for conservation projects across the country. It is also a way to educate people about the planet and encourage them to get involved with local conservation projects. While collecting money is a great way to help the planet, nothing is more educational and fulfilling than volunteering with a local wildlife conservation project. Be sure to continue your conservation efforts when your Pennies for the Planet project is over!

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