Name that dinosaur! If you guessed “Stegosaurus,” you’re close, but a little off the mark. While Stegosaurus is one of the most well-known dinosaurs, it had lots of cousins that haven’t spent as much time in the limelight. This is Miragaia. Take a look at it—what features make it different from the Stegosaurus that you know and love?

For scientists, one of the most important features of Miragaia is its neck—it has the longest neck of any dinosaur in the stegosaur family. It even has more bones in its neck than other stegosaurs. Scientists aren’t sure why Miragaia has such a long neck. Some guesses are that a long neck helped it reach plants a little higher off the ground, or that a long neck might have attracted mates!

Illustration by Nobu Tamura

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