Sauropods include the largest dinosaurs that ever existed, like Argentinosaurus and Patagotitan. But there were smaller sauropods, too. One cool species is called Vulcanodon. This dinosaur’s fossils have only been discovered in one location, an island on a human-made lake in Zimbabwe. Vulcanodon was about 21 feet long, and it stood just a little taller than an adult human. 

Its name means “volcano tooth,” because scientists thought that the rock it was found in was volcanic rock, and because they found sharp, pointy fossil teeth nearby that they thought belonged to it. That was unusual, because sauropods normally have flat teeth for grinding the plants they eat. However, the name has a couple mistakes—the rock it was found in wasn’t actually volcanic, and the pointy, volcano-shaped teeth actually belonged to another dinosaur!

Photo by Bardrock

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