Zoobooks publications are now part of the Ranger Rick Brand and the non-profit National Wildlife Federation.

The National Wildlife Federation will continue Zoobooks’ legacy of bringing fun and engaging learning opportunities to children of all ages as part of its iconic Ranger Rick® publications. The first Ranger Rick branded Zoobooks launched with the February 2018 issue.

Being part of the National Wildife Federation family will now give us a bigger and better opportunity to help our titles connect kids with wildlife, and complement the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to reach more kids and families with wildlife learning fun.

The Zoobooks acquisition adds 130 award-winning titles to the Ranger Rick library, new families to the Ranger Rick community and new outreach opportunities to inspire kids and families to love, protect and save wildlife. Ranger Rick and Zoobooks reach family audiences with different wildlife learning experiences. Ranger Rick magazines engage kids with information, stories and activities on a range of animals and conservation issues, while Zoobooks titles focus on different aspects of one animal or group of animals covering topics from anatomy to socialization.

Developing a love for animals in our children is crucial to saving wildlife for the next generation—but we also need your help to protect the species most at-risk at this very moment, too. Without the support of friends like you, the National Wildlife Federation wouldn’t be able to restore key habitats and advocate on behalf of wildlife in harm’s way.  Let’s join our voices—donate today.

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