In 2017, scientists discovered a new species of great ape: the Tapanuli orangutan. Previously believed to be a kind of Sumatran orangutan, genetic testing revealed DNA different enough to make the Tapanuli orangutan its own species. These apes are only found in the southern part of Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. They live in trees to avoid Sumatran tigers, and their diet includes caterpillars and pine cones.

Tapanuli orangutans aren’t just the newest species of great ape—they’re also the rarest. Hunting and destruction of their forest homes have left them critically endangered. There are only 800 left in the world.  One way we can help Tapanuli orangutans is avoiding products made with palm oil, since palm oil plantations are a major cause of deforestation in Indonesia. When you buy peanut butter, look for products without palm oil—it could help an orangutan!

Photo by Tim Laman

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